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Rackspace Prices Its IPO

UPDATE WEDNESDAY AUGUST 14, 2008: It looks like Rackspace (RAX) has settled in and been trading at just above $10.50/share for the last several days.  This looks to represent an Enterprise Value/Annualized Revenues multiple of about 2.9x and a total Enterprise Value of approximately $1.4bn.

Congratulations to to the folks at Rackspace!  Their IPO was priced last night at $12.50 per share.  The company should begin trading sometime this morning under the ticker RAX.  By our calculations the Enterprise Value of the company at $12.50/share is approximately $1.6 billion.  This represents a revenue multiple of 3.4x their annualized Q1 revenues and a P/E of approximately 75x.

Please note - Cheval Capital, Inc. is a stockholder of Rackspace, Inc.

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