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Frank Stiff Speaking at HostingCon 2010

Frank is speaking this year at HostingCon 2010 on Monday, July 19th at 9am.

The panel, "Adding Value to Your Business With Financial & Operating Metrics" is made up of some of the industry's most successful hosters talking about how they use numbers in their businesses.  The panel is a practical, down to earth look at how financials and operating metrics help hosters manage their operations, make decisions and grow more effectively.

Panelists include Hari Ravichandran, President of Endurance, Zak Boca, President of SingleHop, Jay Sinder, CFO of Corelink Data Centers, Pat Matthews, VP and GM of Rackspace Cloud, Doug Erwin, CEO of The Planet, and is moderated by noted industry attorney David Snead.

HostingCon 2010 Speaker: Join Me There!