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Valuation of Public Hosting Companies - July 13, 2012

Summarized below are estimates of the relative valuations of some public companies that have significant hosting operations. Please be aware that a number of these companies have other businesses that may also affect the valuations. (All data was taken from publicly available financial statements and please see this post for how we calculate Enterprise Value.)

Prices as of midday 7/13/2012      
  Annualized EntValue Enterprise Value /
Company Revs ($mil) ($mil) Revenues EBITDA
North America      
Rackspace  $     1,133  $     6,272 5.5x 15.6x
Web.Com Group  $       366  $     1,929 5.3x 14.2x
Peer1  $       134  $        386 2.9x 10.8x
United Internet  $     2,796  $     4,137 1.5x 7.9x
Dada  $       108  $         87 0.8x 5.7x
IOMart Gp  $         52  $        257 4.9x 14.7x
Melbourne IT  $       184  $        198 1.1x 7.7x


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Disclaimer: This post is for general information purposes and is not meant to be taken as financial advice, a recommendation to buy or sell the stocks mentioned above, a comprehensive discussion of valuation or how to do the calculations discussed. Please be sure to consult your financial advisors when valuing your company, considering the sale of your business or making other financial decisions.