Our Services

Since the mid 1990's, Hillary Stiff & Frank Stiff have been particularly active in the Internet Services arena and have completed over 450 transactions for companies such as Endurance International Group, Rackspace, NTT/Verio among many others large and small.  They are regular speakers at industry conferences and trusted advisors to companies of all sizes.



We have been very fortunate over the years to have had the opportunity to work with a large number of great clients, including such firms as Deluxe, and Endurance International among many others.  We've also have had the opportunity to speak at industry conferences and represent the hosting industry through lobbying on Capitol Hill for the Internet Infrastructure Coalition.

As of January 2018,

  • Since we began working in the Internet services arena for NTT/Verio in the late 1990's we have completed over 3450 web hosting, ISP and related transactions.
  • Overall, Hillary & Frank have completed $2.0 billion of transactions for clients in a variety of industries

Mergers & Acquisitions

Cheval represents buyers and sellers in exclusive projects for the purchase or sale of a business.  Whether it is a single transaction or part of a large scale consolidation, Cheval helps its clients with all aspects of the purchase & sale process and seeks to help obtain the most favorable terms while minimizing distraction and disruption to day-to-day operations.  Cheval's experience in successfully completing such a large number of transactions enables it to add particular value to its clients in this area.

Small Hoster Program – The Cheval Opportunities List.  A number of years ago Cheval developed its Cheval Opportunities List program in order to help smaller hosters and related businesses complete transactions quickly and effectively.  Our list typically includes the approximately 30 businesses, is redistributed by a number industry bankers and brokers and reaches an estimated 1,000+ pre-qualified, prospective buyers.  Cheval acts as an advisor in these transactions helping both buyers and sellers complete transactions.

Raising Capital

Frank & Hillary have helped raised close to $1 billion in equity and debt for various companies. Cheval's services are focused entirely on raising capital through private placements of equity and debt to professional investors in the venture capital and private equity arena and banks. Typically, we work closely with our clients to understand their needs, prepare offering materials, identify and approach qualified investors, assist in negotiation of terms and facilitate the closing process. (Typical transactions sizes are $20 million and above.)

Prospective investors should be aware that private equity and debt placements are typically risky investments. Companies issuing such securities are often development stage companies with significant financial, technological and operating hurdles to overcome and investors have a meaningful risk of loss of their entire investment.


Advisory Services

In addition to financial advice that is included as a part of all of Cheval's transaction services, we also provide financial advice as a stand-alone service.  Past projects have covered a variety of topics and included preparing business/strategic plans, helping clients launch new lines of business and planning for IPOs. We bring our 30 years of experience to bear in helping you address challenges and evaluate options.

 We'd welcome the opportunity to talk with about your needs and goals.  Please feel free to contact Frank at fstiff[at] or 703-549-7390.